These are screengrabs are taken from The Dark is Rising.

First meeting with The Rider (Chris)

Close-up of The Rider with his mouth covered

Close-up of The Rider with his mouth now uncovered

The Rider warns Will
The Rider masked
The doctor visits Will Stanton The doctor has a familiar smile
The Rider is disguised as the local doctor Will suspects who the doctor might really be
The doctor (Chris is wearing a brown tweed jacket, brown waistcoat, brown bow tie & brown pants
Overhead shot of Will & the doctor
Close-up of the doctor
The doctor (Chris) peers over his glasses
The doctor checks Will's ankle for broken bones
Close-up of Chris's eyes
The doctor loses his temper
Another close-up of Chris's eyes
Profile shot of the doctor
The doctor & his Mother attend Church
A close-up of the doctor & his Mother
the doctor & mum standing to sing hymns
the doctor (Chris) singing
Doctor & mum leave Church hand in hand
Shot of the doctor's back The doctor doesn't look happy
Back dressed as The Rider
Chris is back dresses as the local doctor
Profile shot of the doctor
back again as the Rider
The doctor searching for one of the signs... should be there...
..darn it's gone! The doctor is disappointed
The doctor is looking for a fight
The doctor prepars..
..and calls his ravens for the fight Back again as the Rider

The Rider holding his sword
An angry Rider is disappointer with his messenger
Riding towards the final confrontation with the Seeker Getting closer..
..and closer
The Rider unleashes the darkness
A very good close-up of the Rider
The Rider with what appears to be a snowglobe
The Rider shows Will the snowglobe
A very mean look from the Rider
The Rider looks like he means business
The Rider is about to attack with his sword Fighting the Old Ones
The battle with the Old Ones continues
The Rider in silhouette
The Rider notices the Light
The Rider falls from his horse..
..and lands with a bump
The Rider retreats from Will who is now in full control of the Light
The Rider retaliates..
..with no effect The Rider is finally captured within one of his own snowglobes

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Screencaps from Revenger's Tragedy.


Screencaps from Bloodrights Pt 1.